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What lies beyond…

Black holes – a mysterious phenomena, yet to be fully understood by science. Described by astrophysics and mathematical formulas, they are regions of space-time from which nothing can escape.


The first visualisation of a black hole has been presented in 2019. In 2022 the experts estimated there are at least 40 billion black holes in the known universe.


Is human mind capable of grasping the true nature of a cosmic entity from which neither light nor information can escape?

The works we’ve selected are artistic reflections on black holes not only as astronomical objects, but primarily as creative concepts that may serve to present or comment on philosophical, political, social or psychological challenges of modern times.

In the hands of the artists black holes became interpretive keys that helped to disclose the mechanisms of human perception, media depictions of reality, gender issues, environmental problems, the horror of armed conflicts, or relations between people and AI. The variety of topics matches the expressivity of audiovisual techniques employed in the creation of presented artworks.

– Radosław Osiński, curator

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